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Long days are the worst kinds of everyday at the office. And that’s 3 days of my 6 or 5 working days a week. I should be used by now. I am not. A long day is a long day, that’s the exclusive description. And the best way to bury a long day is to […]

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Life unveiled (1)….ctn

After a very delicious meal and exchanging intense eye contact all in the name of getting to know each other, Micheal and Angel headed out. With that strong urge of not wanting the night to end, Michael suggested that they go watch a live band.

Being a happy person with an out going personality, he knew just the perfect place for her. Across town was Rudy’s pub. Micheal had heard Angel ham songs on different occasions. He knew she liked singing. “I hope you will like the place”, Micheal said as he parked at the entrance of the pub. “I will try my best”, Angel returned a smile as she loosened her seatbelt. Trying very much not to let her growing feelings for him betray her. “You are free to tell me if it’s boring. I will gladly take you home”, Michael mouthed as he helped her out of the car. A slight rub of his finger onto her breast sent chills down her spine.

Inside the pub was a cool ambiance. A fresh smell of a different but peaceful life. Couples were seated on different tables in the corners of the room, giving dancers enough space to enjoy the music. The band at the front had 2 lead singers and several guys carrying back-up and instruments. Micheal held her hand and led her to one of the tables close to the band. There she sat holding a bottle of Smirnoff for the first time in her life. It felt good, she was free but safe with him, wild but tamed in his eyes.

As the night went on, the place got busier and Michael read a sign of discomfort off her face. “I think we can call it a night”, he suggested. She whispered “okay”. That was all she could say with all the effort in her. Struggling to get up, Michael realised that Angel had taken a little more than her head could contain. He led her out of the pub the only way a gentleman like him would. He however couldn’t hold his laughter. It was hilarious seeing her drunk. She looked more vulnerable trying to act strong. Her drunk eyes looked prettier than he had seen them before. Angel let him look her straight in the eyes without shying away. This was all he ever wanted; for her to be free with him, to let him see right through her beautiful eyes.

01:37: Angel woke up at a smooth stroke on her face. Micheal was looking at her with eyes so loving, her heart melted. “What happened?”, she curiously asked. ” Someone had a lot of fun and passed out in the car”, Michael teased her. They smiled as he helped her up the stairs to her apartment. “God knows what I did or said as he drove”, Angel couldn’t help thinking. At the door, Michael opened and let them in. “Wooowww…..”, a deep sigh was released from his mouth. He couldn’t believe how exquisite, but simple the house was. All the colours in perfect coordination.  He sat her down on one of the couches in the living room. Managing to find the door to the bedroom, he carried her to bed and tucked her in. He kissed her forehead goodnight and locked the doors behind him.

Bitter Sweet Goodbyes Rwanda

You have been such a wonderful experience
But I cannot wait to leave all of you behind.

The tinniest that you have let me know about you brings me joy
But at the same time hurt, knowing that I accepted too much of you into my life.

Oh beau nature, the places you have taken me to have been amazing
But hurting to recall whatever has happened on all those trips.

All the times you have made me trust you to take care of me are priceless
But with sadness, you have broken my trust in you piece by piece.

The memories I carry with me always put a smile on my face
But glad I have few or no pictures of you and I
Seeing you again is less priority to me now

You have made me a stronger person with better views about life
You made me live a full life, both in and out of church
But was all that genuine?

You have had a lot in common with where I come from
We have bonded in most ways, you have made me laugh
I am glad to say all that was in the past because,
I cannot wait to unveil the future.

All the strong feelings you gave me to stay,
Only to learn that you couldn’t wait for me to leave
Or stay wherever I went every time I stepped out of your borders.

You made me love you and I don’t regret it
I will miss you, I will miss us
But it won’t last because I cannot hold onto you any longer

Thank you for everything,
Thank you Rwanda
But this time, “it has nothing to do with you

The eternity of love.

After a long day at work, I sat down to have a talk with a wise friend of mine. It started off on a not very serious note but later taught me a lot about life. People around me know that I rarely have serious talks, especially with my friends.

He asked me what I think love is. I have never been that speechless and mind-frozen at a
question this simple in my life. “I don’t know what love is but I know how it feels when you love and are being loved”, I said. He smiled and looked away. “Since you know what it feels like, please share”, he said. I explained everything I have ever felt all the times I thought or say believed, I was in love. “Fair enough”, he said, and kept quiet. Burning with anxiety, I asked what his version of love was. Three words:

If you find that person whose company you always enjoy, whether sad or happy, you are on your way to finding love. That feeling when you can do anything to spend some time with someone, you can go anywhere with them, do anything with them, say anything to them, get silly and stupid together, laugh about anything. That genuine in-depth happiness with someone. If you can drop anything or at least do it faster just to spend time with that person, you truly find their companionship very important to you.

Mutual respect is the main thing here. Respect yourself before that person and other people but most importantly respect that person everywhere, at all times and in all ways.
Do not make them feel bad about who they are, respect their ideas, support and defend them before people, even when they are wrong about something. Do not lose your temper at them, especially before people. Make other people desire to respect that person from the way you treat them. Above all, this shouldn’t be hard work, it should be something natural to you.

This is the deal–sealer. If you love someone, choose to trust them 100%. If for any reason they get 99% of your trust by choice then, you need to check what’s going on between you two. It’s natural to be curious and jealous, question things that are unclear to you. If you
doubt anything they give as answers to your questions then you have something terribly wrong. I see no reason to say you love someone if you don’t trust them all the way.

In conclusion he said; “love isn’t just a feeling, I am not sure how to categorise it but it’s far from just a feeling. However, my main concern is, if all that defines love and you have it together at some point, how many of us are ready to maintain it that way forever? In my view, the eternity of love is doubtable.”

Once again, you left me speechless with your wisdom GT. Thanks for sharing your views.




It’s all about…..:

Looking forward to a busy day,
I’ve got to get up early for the day,
But wait a minute, one last thing,
Can’t find my mind,
It’s been wandering the whole day,
I know this feeling,
It’s all about you.

We are in a stubborn argument,
Like we always do,
That defines us,
That’s what we have,
And it’s what we do best,
You “F” me,
C’mon…F can mean anything,
Anything we decide,
It’s all about us.

“F is friendship,
But you mean more than a friend to me,
I said I will miss you,
I meant it,
Please don’t be harsh to me,
Make it simpler for me to live without you,
Don’t make me miss you so bad,
If possible, don’t leave”.
Remember these words?
It’s all about me.

We hold hands,
“Promise me you won’t let them change you,
For better or worse,
Don’t ever fit in their box,
You are a good and fun person,
Stand your ground and teach them something”.
“I promise”, you said.
It’s all about you.

You ask me to stay if possible,
If I leave, I shouldn’t go far,
It’s comforting to know that I am close,
It makes you happy,
It gives you hope.
It’s all about me.

We have late night calls,
Like we haven’t met throughout the day,
Like we never pass by each other,
Pretending not to be this close,
We laugh at crazy things,
We make twerking sounds with our mouths,
We get serious when it’s time to,
We know how to do us.
It’s all about us.

I am gon’ miss you,
More than I do now,
But I am glad we met,
It’s more about you.

The Perm Culture Has Been Linked To Epidemic Of Fibroids in Black Women

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The results of a new study in the American Journal of Epidemiology have some black women thinking about going “au natural” when it comes to their hair. A published paper from researchers at Boston University linked hair relaxers to uterine fibroid tumors in women and early puberty in young girls.

Led by Dr. Lauren Wise of Boston University’s Slone Epidemiology Center, scientists followed more than 23,000 pre-menopausal black American women from 1997 to 2009 and found that the increased rate of fibroid growth among black women may be linked to chemical exposure through scalp lesions and burns resulting from relaxers.

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